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Essential Principles

Discover the patterns

A fundamental Coaching element is the discovery of behavior patterns.  Several tools help uncover patterns: formal assessments, targeted probing, skillful listening, and reflection. Identifying behavior to build on or eliminate is key because all of us have interaction habits that can be strengthened.  Discerning and linking inconsistencies is a significant part of the process.

Establish the structure

The value of Coaching is measured by actions and achievement.  Goals are clearly defined and the plan manages to objective milestones.  The act of putting the plan on paper and meeting commitments to the Coach transitions the process from theory to practice.  The plan is supported by scheduled sessions that maintain a continuous loop of feedback, planning, and assessment.

Create the momentum

Momentum is a critical success factor.  Building on small accomplishments is the key to achieving results.  As momentum builds, confidence in the process grows and new interaction models are more easily applied.  It isn't necessary to master a skill before applying it; confidence only grows after action.  Even interaction “failures” can lead to understanding and improvement. Action empowers clients with experience and feedback to continue progress toward goals.

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